General - FAQ

  1. What is Clean Checkout?
    Clean Checkout is a drop-in replacement for the Magento 2 checkout. The checkout that ships with Magento 2 doesn't have a natural flow and is full of distractions. Clean Checkout solves these issues by reducing checkout complexity and helping the customer at every possible point.
  2. Does Clean Checkout work on mobile devices?
    Yes! Being compatible with most devices is essential for improving your store's conversion rates. Clean Checkout uses responsive design, so it's compatible with desktop and mobile devices.
  3. Which payment methods are supported?
    No worry, Clean Checkout should work with most payment methods out of the box. Should this not be the case, we'll fix the issue for you, free of charge.
  4. Can I try Clean Checkout before purchasing?
    We have a Clean Checkout demo you could try at
  5. Does Clean Checkout override any core files?
    Clean Checkout is written with Magento 2 best-practices in mind. Here's a number of things we consider: Highly favor using Magento 2 plugins and observers over preferences/class overrides. Any javascript modifications are done using mixins, so we're compatible even with highly customized installs. We follow the official Best Practices for Extension developers. On top of ... Read more