The numbers

According to the Danish Baymard Institute, nearly 70% of US customers abandon their cart and a little over 41% of those that intend to purchase abandon the checkout for reasons out of their control. The following graph is a breakdown of reasons for abandonment:

Checkout Abandonment Chart

This graph can be split into 3 categories.

  1. Things which Magento 2 already covers out of the box, such as guest checkout and stability of the platform.
  2. Issues that not directly fixable through modifications in the checkout (fees, logistics). 
  3. Finally, we're left with a small subset of reasons that are quite easily tackled:
    • Simplify and reduce the length of the checkout process.
    • Clarify to the customer up-front about costs.

    Fixing these has the potential to decrease cart abandonment by 24% and 27%.

Fixing things

A picture is worth a thousand words. Which checkout would you prefer as a customer?

Clean Checkout

Clean Checkout offers a solution to the problems above:

  • Always display a cart and order summary, regardless of what part of the checkout we're in.
  • Non-essential field inputs are disabled.
  • The overal look and feel has been drastically compacted.
  • Country has been automatically detected and pre-filled.

These and a number of other features, help you reduce Magento 2 Checkout abandonment.

Still not convinced? Try out our demo!