Since this was the first major release, we want to outline all of the features currently present in Clean Checkout for Magento 2.


  • A concise and compact checkout experience, that works both desktop and mobile devices.
  • By default, a full summary of cart totals is not shown until the shipping step has been completed. This can result in incorrect expectations because discounts are not displayed in the first step of the checkout. Clean Checkout enables full cart totals on every step of the checkout.
  • For users it makes more sense to see their cart first, and then their totals. We changed the order in which the cart's items and summary (which includes totals) are shown.
  • Added the ability to force the Luma theme in the checkout (default: Off).
  • Added the ability to immediately redirect to checkout when adding a product. (default: Off)
  • Allow modifying of step transition speeds. 
  • Allow adding content to the checkout footer. Useful for things like payment logos or terms & agreements. 


Clean Checkout allows you to disable the following:

  • Telephone field
  • Company field
  • Website header
  • Website footer
  • Copyright bar
  • Login popup


Most merchants only offer a single shipping method. There's no particular reason a customer should see a radio button with a single shipping method during the checkout screen. We hide this information, but still display the proper shipping totals in the summary box in the sidebar.

In addition to that, we also added an option to hide the shipping title.


We currently allow merchants to change the following colors:

  • Checkout Background Color
  • Checkout Border Color
  • Body Background Color

We plan to add further color customization options - such as the color of action buttons - in the near future.

Geo IP

Clean Checkout automatically detects the country of the customer. This information is then used to pre-fill the country field in shipping and billing sections of the checkout.

This information is then also used to allow Magento 2 to make accurate tax estimations.


Added the option to subscribe the customer to the newsletter during the checkout. 

Social Login

By enabling this option, a customer can log in with their preferred social media account. A user account in Magento 2 is automatically created, and information such as first and last name are automatically used for shipping.

Currently, the following social media providers are available:

  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Facebook

We plan to add further providers (such as Amazon and Instagram) in the future.